Group Yoga Classes

“I am really enjoying Monica’s yoga classes. So glad I am making the time to come along every week.  Love that it works on my strength, flexibility, relaxation and more. It’s exactly what I need in my life!”  Kerry

“Monica has provided a much needed opportunity to exercise at home during this difficult time. My mental health and well-being has been supported too which has been essential during COVID-19 lockdown. It’s an easy online booking and payment system. Monica’s clear instructions and guidance makes the classes enjoyable and she is, as always, very encouraging. I’d recommend her online yoga class whilst face to face contact classes are still out of reach.” Cheryl

My adult classes link movement with breath and are set at a general level with options to advance or take it easier.  Each week there is a different theme and we may target different areas of the body such as lower back, shoulders, core or hips.  Sometimes we will flow through our sequences and other times we will linger longer in a Yin Yoga style class to restore and relax.  Every class gives you time in relaxation at the end and some may include a longer guided meditation first.

The “Book Now” button below will take you straight to my online booking calendar to reserve your space whether that is online or at a venue. If it is your first time using the booking system, please register with your email address and password.  Please also give your phone number just in case I need to contact you urgently.  You can reserve your place up to an hour before class or save money by buying a block of classes to hold on your account to book any time. Once you have reserved your place, you will get an email confirmation (check your spam folder as it sometimes hides there!). Contact me through if you have any questions.  Please note that credit/debit card processing fees (1.4% – 2.9%) charged by our payment processing partner are non-refundable when you cancel your reservation as they are not paid back to myself. You can however ask me to change the date of your class if you can’t make a particular session as long as you tell me in advance.

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We are heading very quickly towards the end of this year.  The last classes of the year will be as follows:

  • Monday online yoga class at 8pm – 11 December 
  • Tuesday hall class at 1pm – 12 December (pre booking essential as maximum of 10)
  • Wednesday hall class at 8pm – 13 December 
  • Monday hall class at 6pm – 18 December

The online class at 8pm on a Thursday will continue over the festive period as long as there is demand for a class.

We restart in January on the following dates:

  • Monday online yoga class at 8pm – 8 January 
  • Wednesday hall class at 8pm – 10 January 
  • Tuesday hall class at 1pm  – 16 January (pre booking essential as maximum of 10)
  • Monday hall class at 6pm – 22 January

The online class at 8pm on a Thursday will continue over the festive period as long as there is demand for a class.

Venues for hall-based classes

Click on the venue name to see the location using Google Maps.

Day Time Suitability Venue
Monday 18:00-19:00 All levels St Margaret’s Court in Juniper Green
Tuesday 13:00-14:00 Beginners Pentland Community Hub in Juniper Green
 Wednesday 20:00-21:00  All Levels Forthview Crescent Scout Hall, Currie

Update: 12 July 2023

Yoga Retreat:  My yoga retreat for November 2023 is now full.   Send me an email at if you are interested in attending a yoga retreat in 2024.

Hall classes:  My hall classes are getting busy so you will need to book quickly if you want to get a place.  I do have a waiting list system in place though so if it is full add your name to the waiting list and I will be in touch if a space becomes available. 

Workshops: There will be more workshops coming soon and details will show here shortly.

Feeling unwell?:  As much as I love to see you at my hall classes, the health and wellbeing of those who attend is my priority. There are lots of viruses spreading at the moment as well as Covid reinfections so please do not come to class if you have a cough or other symptoms that could be passed on to others. Many thanks for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never done yoga before.  Are the classes suitable for beginners?

My focus is about bringing yoga to everyone whatever your shape, size or level of fitness. If you can breathe you can do yoga! It would be helpful if you could let me know a little about your current and previous medical situation so that I can suggest options if needed.

Do I need to book ahead?

The hall classes have a maximum number of attendees to ensure everyone has sufficient space to practice so make sure you book in plenty of time to secure your place. You can book in up to an hour beforehand.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own mat and any props such as straps or blocks that you wish to use.  Wear something light and comfortable such as leggings and a t-shirt though you might want to bring some socks and warm top or blanket for relaxation.  Otherwise just leave your shoes at the door along with your cares, worries and other baggage!

I’m not ready to start back at hall classes. Will you be continuing your online classes?

Yes I will be continuing with online classes at 8pm on Mondays and Thursdays.  There are lots of people who are enjoying the ease of doing yoga online with me.  You can fit the class around your busy life, save time and even sneak straight off to bed afterwards as you don’t have to travel home afterwards!

One of the disadvantages of online yoga is I’m not able to adjust your positions.  I’ll give easy to understand instructions and options to advance or take it easier.  I’ll also ask that you pay special attention to those knees (focus on outside edge of feet) and wrists (Down Dog and Cobra: press your spread fingers to mat and visualise palms lifting).

Please don’t practice if you feel unwell or are recovering from an illness, injury or operation. You are participating at your own risk and by booking onto the class are accepting full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.  In the meantime, keep safe and well

“Karma Tree Yoga has become an essential in my life over the last few months. Each class is a wonderful balance of challenge and relaxation with a genuine rooting in yoga teachings. What I’ve learned about chakras and breathing techniques have been integrated into my daily life when I feel the tension begin to rise. Monica herself is a bastion of calm and a joy to meet every week. I urge everyone to experience these yoga classes. Integrate them into your life and you will feel better.” Jenni

“Thank you so much for keeping your yoga classes going online.  It has made a big difference to my health and wellbeing over the last year while we have been dealing with the Covid pandemic. I know lots of other people will feel the same way.  Laura

“Monica’s classes are friendly, relaxed and fun. Never a dull moment…always something new to learn. Whether your a beginner or more experienced your needs will be met! Monica keeps things ‘fresh’! I’ve benefited hugely from her classes. 5 years sciatica free…thanks M.”  Chris