Breathe through stress

Many of us walk around fired up by stress all day long. The difficulties start when you can’t turn off that switch and relax when it comes to bedtime or indeed at other times when required. Often our sleep then suffers which leads to more stress and we end up exhausted and the more exhausted and stressed we feel the worse it gets.

We spend a huge amount of time caring about our physical appearance and pay little attention to what is happening inside our body and our mind. Through yoga, we stretch and learn to appreciate our breath.  Changing how you breathe and where you focus your mind can re-programme the brain.  Just as a tense body and shortness of breath can signal to the brain that you are in trouble, a calm body and deep breathing do the opposite. Taking the time to breathe properly tells the brain we are safe and promotes a sense of serenity and ease.

Give yourself a few moments to stop and notice your breath.  Let it deepen and let it slow down and let yourself feel calmer. Still feeling stressed? Then stay as you are a little longer, focus on your breath until you feel yourself start to relax.