Habits and identity

Why is it so easy to repeat bad habits but so difficult to acquire good habits? To keep good habits for more than a few days can be challenging but habits stay with us forever so it is better to keep the good habits than the bad.  Despite our best intentions, it can seem impossible Continue reading »

Breathe through stress

Many of us walk around fired up by stress all day long. The difficulties start when you can’t turn off that switch and relax when it comes to bedtime or indeed at other times when required. Often our sleep then suffers which leads to more stress and we end up exhausted and the more exhausted Continue reading »

Leaving lockdown – how to rediscover yourself

As we come to the end of lockdown, it’s time to start preparing ourselves both mentally and physically for life ‘returning back to normal’. I think it’s important to note that ‘normal’ does not necessarily mean the same as before, and we should take what we have learnt over this past year to help improve Continue reading »

Yoga for your vagus nerve

Over the last few weeks, we looked at yoga poses to nourish you. Specifically they can help you to feel strong, to feel focussed, to feel energised, to feel calm, to feel grounded and to feel happy. This week we look at how yoga can influence our vagus nerve. Don’t be put off about the Continue reading »

What nourishes you?

Sometimes we forget how to make ourselves happy and the things we love to do. We forget how pleasurable reading a book in the middle of the day can be, taking our socks off and walking on the grass, catching a sunrise while the world sleeps or looking into the horizon at the top of Continue reading »

It is impossible to please everyone!

We are starting to cautiously move out of lockdown and I find myself pondering how I can continue all my online classes for those that enjoy them, open my hall classes for those who prefer them and at the same time take a holiday! As Abraham Lincoln said: “You can please some of the people Continue reading »

Spring clean

Well, spring is finally here and with the sunshine, unfolding leaves and blossoming flowers the energies of nature encourage us to also unfurl from our deep winter hibernation and quite literally “spring forth” into a new way of being. This energy of spring is the perfect opportunity for us to focus on our growth and Continue reading »

Perspective is a beautiful thing

One of the life lessons that I mentioned last week was “perspective is a beautiful thing”. Typically, when we’re worried or upset, it’s because we’ve lost perspective. Everything that is happening in our lives seems so big, so important, so do or die, but in the big picture, this single hiccup often means next to Continue reading »

Sharing the lessons from your journey

A few weeks ago I gave some ideas on how you can stop and pause to take stock rather than being absorbed into those ‘to do’ lists. I also asked for your thoughts on what life has taught you, those lessons you would tell your younger self if you could. The thing with wisdom and Continue reading »

The Life Lessons of Yoga

Last week I looked at how those endless to do lists can be stressful and ideas to help you to slow down. This week I thought we’d look at what yoga can do for you. We talk in class about the physical benefits but what else can yoga help you with? What can yoga teach Continue reading »