International Yoga Day – Sunday 21 June

International Yoga Day – Sunday 21 June 2020

International Day of Yoga is a global event celebrated on 21 June every year with a different theme. This year it is particularly apt: “Yoga for Health – Yoga at Home” and takes into account the fact that we are socially distancing and yoga studios have closed down and teachers like myself have gone online to ensure that you can keep up your yoga practice.

Yoga is a powerful tool to deal with the stress of uncertainty and isolation we are experiencing and helps to maintain our physical wellbeing at the same time.

Another benefit of yoga is that it can boost our immunity and it has been found that yoga helps breathing problems. By doing breathing exercises (Pranayama) you can increase your oxygen intake up to five times. The more oxygen-rich blood to the brain, heart, lungs, and digestive organs can help to improve the functioning of these organs and improve our overall health.

Yoga and breathing exercises affect the heart through the respiratory system of the body. It helps to lower our blood pressure, increases capacity of our lungs, lowers cholesterol levels and boosts blood circulation and all this helps our heart.

Yoga can strengthen your body and can relieve your back pain, stress, and tension. Overall, yoga can improve you as a whole both physically and mentally.

See you online soon to practice our yoga together and bring some of these benefits to our bodies.