Let It Go

The theme for classes this week is “letting go”. You will recall in my last newsletter I included an image about the things we can’t control. If we can’t control it, then we have to just let it go. Focus on what you can control. Quite often you will hear me say in class, “let go of your shoulders” or “let go of your tension”. We always need to let go physically, emotionally, mentally, of past situations, present challenges and future fears and expectations.

Letting go is another term for non-attachment. This practice is pretty much the essence of Patanjali’s Yoga Suttra’s, which is considered the most important yoga text. I am far from the best at letting go myself however recent events in the world have reinforced to me that letting go is so very important.

You may question how we can just “let go”. How can we have compassion and be detached? How can we care for others, have ambition and be detached? How can we have children, lovers, motivation, careers and homes yet be detached? It all becomes exceptionally mind-boggling not to mention frustrating.

Everything is constantly changing therefore trying to hold on to any one thing is pointless effort. You have to let go and you have to work at letting go. Letting go is a constant daily practice, moment to moment. Letting go is not only releasing specific situations or the stress of our daily lives at the beginning of a yoga session. It’s letting go of everything all the time. Letting go of every thought that comes into the mind. Letting go of every single reaction to those thoughts. Letting go of expectations. Letting go of everything and anything that momentarily irritates you. Letting go of wanting to control or being controlled, letting go of wanting to be right, letting go of blame, letting go of judgements of oneself and others, letting go of wants and needs, letting go of the idea of a perfect life whatever that may be. Let it all go!

When we let go, it creates a very fulfilling sense of space in your entire being, full of contentment, full of an inner knowingness that this is good stuff. You can feel freedom, even if it’s only for that split second before the next attachment arises. It’s those moments of liberation that gives you the motivation to persist with this practice in patience. You can still dream, visualise, love, create, achieve, manifest whatever you choose. It’s the letting go of the outcome where the practice of non-attachment lies.

Try it now. Let go of something in your mind. Recognise the thought, don’t react, simply let it go. How does it feel?