Living With Chaos

We want everything in our life to be predictable, stable, steady and safe.  We don’t like it when things scare or worry us or make us nervous yet life continues to upset this comfortable feeling of safety and security.  Chaos theory has shown that even very minute changes can produce widely different outcomes.  All that means is we have to appreciate that unpredictable things can happen at any time and be prepared to be surprised.  Chaos doesn’t have to be seen as a scary unwanted event but just what is to be expected.  In other words, expect to be surprised so then we are prepared.

Yoga and meditation can help us to learn to ride the waves of change which keep rolling through our lives.  The practice of meditation is designed to reveal to us what it is to be us.  With continued practice we learn how to let events of change and unpredictability, chaos in other words, slip off our backs like water off a duck’s back! We teach ourselves to be calm and clear in the face of adversity and challenges, to engage in whatever it is that is causing stress, worry or anxiety in or lives and to learn how to respond to events with clarity and strength.  Do you find yourself with a million different thoughts trying to grab your attention?  Whether these thoughts are welcome, enlightening, unwanted or embarrassing, we can learn through meditation to return to our breathing and let these thoughts go.

The practice of yoga works in the same way.  The physical body wants to be healthy enough to deal with the waves of chaos as much as the meditation practice gives us the willpower to have a clearer image of what options or paths lie ahead.  The world is not perfect and neither will our practice be perfect but we can keep trying our best, making the best choices that we can and move forward.


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