Radiant Happiness

What do I mean by “radiant happiness”? Have you ever met someone that just shines? They have a smile on their face that penetrates your soul. You can’t help yourself: you have to smile back. You want what they have.

What does it take to be radiantly happy? It comes down to the thoughts you have. What are you thinking about most of the time? Are thinking happy thoughts or are thinking about all the struggles you have in your life? If you pay attention to what you are thinking, you will realize what I am talking about. When you worry, you have thoughts about something that probably won’t ever happen, so why worry?

Pay attention to your thoughts and you can then turn them around from negative to positive in a nanosecond. If you have a negative thought, you can imagine a big red X through it and turn it around to what you want to happen, not what you don’t want to happen.

Have you ever been so happy that you have to have a huge, vibrant smile on your face? What was going on? What created that happiness? It was an event that took place in your life and you felt good about it. You had a happy thought. You felt the happiness and love.

Radiant happiness comes from within. When you are happy with yourself and you love yourself you are able to share it with the world. How do you do this? By paying attention to your thoughts and turning the negative thoughts around to positive thoughts. Give thanks for all that you do have in life. Being grateful for your life and everything and everyone in it also supports radiant happiness. You discover how to “let go” of the negative so you can be positive.

Keep happy thoughts no matter what is going on in your life. I’m not saying to ignore the ugly stuff that takes place but find the good in it. Life happens. Go with the flow and spread radiant happiness.