Stop, Pause and Breathe

Can you believe it is October already? “Where does the time go?” I hear you ask. Are you one of those people who think: “I’ve so much to do and not enough time”. There are only 24 hours in every day and we can’t change that yet it is amazing how much stuff we find to do when the most important thing we should be doing is fitting in time with ourselves.

I found myself over the last few weeks having to stop and pause while I recuperate from my eye operation. Those problems and tasks just can’t get done when you are laying face down obeying doctor’s orders!! I came across this quote: “If a problem can be solved, don’t worry, solve it. If a problem cannot be solved, don’t worry, there’s nothing you can do.” It is basically saying worry is pointless. You just get frazzled and stressed. Just accept the situation and let it be.

So I took my time to recuperate and achieved nothing except read two whole books. I didn’t miss out on anything as there’s not much happening in the world right now (that’s another thing we can’t control) and accepted the fact I had to take time out and couldn’t do lots of things I wanted or felt I had to do.

I’m not suggesting you take two weeks out and lay face down on the floor but try instead to allocate yourself a little time for you. It is great that you have managed to find one hour a week to join my yoga class. Take the next step and schedule some time just for you every day. Call it “My Time”, block it out on your calendar and use this time to simply be calm and just be. If all you do is find five minutes to sit quietly on your own, close your eyes and let your thoughts go then this is a start.

Your breath does so much for you without you giving it a second thought. It can help you move with ease, boost your energy and encourage calmness and then everything can seem easier.

Breathing deeply and slowly oxygenates your blood, slows your heartbeat, dampens your stress and stabilises your blood pressure. Sit in a quiet, comfortable space. Notice any thoughts that pop into your mind and let them float away without judging them. This is how you can begin to clear your mind and stop the chatter. Breathe slowly through your nose then very slowly breathe out. This is one breath. Breathing deep into your belly brings fresh rejuvenating oxygen into every cell of your body while breathing out more slowly than you breathe in helps you to relax. Repeat the slow breath in and out until you have counted 21 breaths. If your mind wanders, just gently notice and bring it back to the breath and count. As you breathe, know that every inhale will strengthen us while every exhale will relax us.

By taking some time to relax and be in the moment, we free up energy to focus on tasks with ease rather than wasting it on stress and worry. When we breathe more deeply, we start to move with ease. When we move with ease, things flow better. So take some time now to be and stop worrying about what needs to be done.