What nourishes you?

Sometimes we forget how to make ourselves happy and the things we love to do. We forget how pleasurable reading a book in the middle of the day can be, taking our socks off and walking on the grass, catching a sunrise while the world sleeps or looking into the horizon at the top of a mountain. What are the things you love to do that nourish every part of you?

Your nourishment list

Self-care and nourishment go hand in hand. Taking time to look after ourselves nourishes us physically and mentally. Nourishment can be found in lots of different ways. My nourishment list includes yoga, meditation, fresh air, long walks, reading, absorbing myself into a jigsaw and best of all a good night’s sleep after a restorative yoga session! Take a moment to think about what you enjoy doing to take you from your stresses. Start writing your list and keep adding to it. Sitting down and writing your nourishment list is time spent well. Sometimes when you’re in a bit of a spin or feeling low it is hard to believe that there is a way out of it. Just take out your list and pick one of your guaranteed nourishment ‘pick me ups’.

Yoga poses to nourish you

You can do the same with your yoga practice by building a list of poses that feel just right for you and nourish every part of your body and mind. They don’t need to be big statement poses. They are the poses that feel like you have arrived to a familiar place. Favourite poses are very personal and highlight how amazingly different we all are physically and mentally.

Most of us have poses that are our favourite and similarly poses that challenge us. Some days meeting yourself on your mat with one of your challenging poses can help you overcome everyday challenges in life and give you the lift you need. Alternatively it can teach you to sit with discomfort and that not everything in life is to be conquered.

Below are some of the yoga poses that will nourish you in different ways. Some of the poses can tick more than one box but to give a variety of examples I have picked all different poses for each list.

  • Feel Strong: Warrior 2 * Goddess * Side Plank * Warrior 3 * Locust
  • Feel Focussed: Mountain * Half Moon * Tree Pose * Warrior 1 * Crow Pose * Eagle Pose
  • Feel Energised: Chair Twist * Triangle * Bow Pose * Sun Salutation
  • Feel Calm: Child Pose * Melting Heart Pose * Wide Leg Standing Fold * Reclined Spinal Twist
  • Feel Grounded: Hero Pose * Seated Wide Leg Fold * Down Dog * Squat * Reclined Knee to Chest
  • Feel Happy: Camel * Wild Thing * Sun Warrior * Dancer * Cobra * Happy Baby