Yoga Workshops

Face Yoga

No need to spend money on Botox when you can do it yourself! Learn how to keep your face glowing and youthful through a combination of exercises, massage and acupressure for the face as well as relaxation.

Date: Saturday 19 November 2022 at 2pm. Cost £10  

Yoga for Better Sleep and Rest

“How did you sleep?” Does that question fill you with dread?  Certain yoga poses can help bring about sounder and deeper sleep.  On this evening workshop you will learn different breathing techniques and restorative yoga to help you have a good night’s rest.

Date: To be advised.

Your Future You

Take control of your life and build a better future for yourself.  Learn how to create your own Vision Boards to get clarity on what matters most to you, stay focussed on your desires and turn your life in the direction that you choose.

Dates: To be advised.  

Eat to Beat Stress

No I don’t mean stuff your face with junk food!  Just as exercise and meditation can support our body when we are stressed, so can the food we eat.  We often forget the food we eat can have a powerful effect on our overall health and wellbeing.  On this workshop you will get hints and tips on:

  • what and how to eat for optimal health
  • what foods and nutrients can relieve stress and which make it worse
  • how to balance blood sugar levels to boost your mood

Date: To be advised.   

Journey through the Chakras

We will explore different yoga postures to help tune and balance our seven main energy centres. There are seven main energy centres in the body and they can become blocked when we are stressed or hold onto negative emotions.  Here we will learn which yoga postures to bring balance, release any blocks and allow energy to flow freely so we can connect to our self.

Date: To be advised.