Moving from isolation to reconnection

With isolations and lockdowns taking away many of our external distractions, you might be feeling more disconnected, overwhelmed and uncertain and sad that your goals haven’t gone to plan. Just because our typical daily lives and plans are currently out of reach doesn’t mean we can’t prepare. We can use this time as a unique opportunity for self-reflection, to connect back to ourselves and to visualise a life beyond the one that Covid has currently given us.

Initially, spending more time with ourselves may have felt like a treat. It was a chance to enjoy the quiet and the rare opportunity for self-indulgence. Fast-forward to months on end of COVID confinements and turning our gaze inward can start to feel a little exhausting. Amongst all the restrictions, heavy energy in the air and fear of what lies ahead, you may be struggling to maintain a focus on self-growth. It’s likely that you may be finding it difficult to see beyond being in lockdown.

Having said that, the great thing about the mind is that it actually can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what you imagine. Right now, you might be feeling a little disheartened because you aren’t living the reality you want to be but your mind doesn’t need to know that. You can still imagine the reality you want to be living and reap the benefits as though it really is your life.

Research shows that just by imagining a reality, the brain produces the same neurological changes as it would if this was a real life event. If we take a moment to consider the power in this, it means that we can literally imagine a reality and soak up all the benefits from it as if we had it already. We can live a life that is impossible to live in isolation or at least feel like we are living it.

Try this meditation to recreate that sense of self you may have lost:

  • Find a comfortable seat or find a place to lie down. Close your eyes or find a point to focus on such as a candle flame or a flower.
  • Take three deep inhales then open your mouth to exhale and release any unwanted energy that has found its way inside of you.
  • Keep the breath flowing and start to say the mantra ‘I want’ to yourself as you inhale. Imagine one thing you want yourself to be or to have in your life without any form of logic of restriction. Skies the limit thinking.
  • As you exhale let go of any of those restricting thoughts that tell you why you can’t have what you want here.
  • Take another inhale and repeat the mantra ‘I want’ followed by another goal, thought or mentality that you want in your life.
  • Again, exhale anything that is holding you back from reaching whatever it is you want.
  • Keep repeating this process until you build up an image of all the things you want your life to be full of. It can be small, like ‘I want to be grateful’, or big, like ‘I want to start my own business from my passion’. Whatever it is, imagine as though you are living a life with it all there.
  • Take a few breaths to bask in this imaginative state of you being all the things that you want to be.
  • Rub your palms together to create energy in your fingertips then place them over your eyes. Stay here for a few breaths and let the energy of the exercise seep into you.
  • Slowly start to open your eyes then, before you move on with your day, pick up your notebook or journal and write down your vision and any other thoughts that come to you in this moment. Make a point to return to your notes at least once a month to remind yourself of the things you want in your life.