The Power of Connection

Until last year, many of us will have taken connection for granted. We went to work, we socialised, we belonged to sports clubs, enjoyed gigs and cinema trips and spa days. People were around us all the time.

Suddenly, all that changed. With social distancing and isolation in place to protect our physical health, it is our mental and emotional health that is now at risk so it is more important than ever to maintain positive connections. Let’s look at some ways to stay connected at this time.

Connection with self

Self-care starts with self-knowledge. How can we make a priority of caring for our needs if we have not identified what our needs are? We need to take time each day to check in with our bodies, minds and hearts. We may not be reacting to the situation we find ourselves in as we might have hoped we would or expected we would. We have to be able to acknowledge that and accept that. We have to be kind to ourselves.

Commit to spending half an hour a day getting to know you better. You may choose to complete half an hour at one time or in three ten-minute sessions throughout the day or whatever works best for you. Decide when, where and how you will do this each day (otherwise it will not happen). You may choose to complete a body scan meditation or a simple yoga practice. As you move through the practice, rest your gaze on each part of your body in turn and listen to what each part has to say to you. You may choose a still meditation practice where you sit with yourself in the silence. You may choose to write your thoughts without judgement or censorship in a journal each day. Or you may choose a combination of all of the above!

Connection with nature

Look around you. We can trust in nature to do its thing. The work of nature is reassuring and grounding as it springs into new life. Lift your eyes from the constant news updates on your screen and allow nature to restore your soul. Even with the guidelines around social distancing, getting out into open spaces to enjoy the fresh air is the ideal way to connect with nature. Make this a priority. Switch it up with a walk in the woods, on a beach, along a river, in the hills. You don’t have to do anything else: just put yourself there and nature will do the rest. If you are unable to get outside, then bring the outside to you. Use fragranced candles, sprays or diffusers to bring the scents of the natural world into your room or discover the power of natural stones and crystals to uplift and heal.

Connection with others

Ok so there’s currently nothing planned, nothing to look forward to. Well then create an event! Book in a day and a time. Plan a theme and food, a dress code, a playlist. Invite everyone you love. This may of course have to happen remotely, a virtual get together rather than an actual get together but the joy of the internet is that bringing people together online is easily achievable.

We live in a connected world. We’re all interconnected and this type of social connection matters. We were created to live in community. That’s the essence of being human. We’re all in this together. We therefore have a responsibility to each other. This is a time when reaching out and practising compassion will deepen and cement social connections. Being there for others and serving them in some way enriches our own lives and meets our physical and emotional needs.

Stay connected, friends.