Be Right Here, Right Now

Do you find yourself yearning for things to go back to how they were before Covid? Have you found yourself watching a programme on television and knowing it was filmed before 2020 because of the crowds of people? You can see their smiles because they are not wearing masks and you say to yourself “ah the good old days!” You may have found yourself thinking back at the ordinary things like greeting friends with warm hugs in a noisy bar. These things we took for granted before but when we think of them now they are special memories.

The tough reality is that there is no going back to how it was. Accepting this is the best way to make it through this challenging time we are all living through. We will enjoy good times again though we will experience them a little differently for a while. One of the lessons of this global pause is that when we do we won’t take them for granted.

We wish we could go back. No matter how well we handle work-from-home, we all secretly wish this whole Covid thing had never happened but it is here and we have to accept that and to do that we have to let go of the yearning to go back to before. There’s no point yearning for the past. The past has gone. Don’t waste time wishing for the future. It will be here soon enough. It is a precious gift to be here at this moment right now. There is only this moment.

Acknowledge your fears, uncertainty and vulnerability. Be aware of your current situation and let go of things you can’t control. Take one thing and one day at a time. Let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. Focus on the choices you make in this moment and commit to make the best choices for you today. Life doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you. Every disappointment, every disruption, every derailed plan hold a silent invitation for living deeper and growing wiser. In the midst of our most testing times lay opportunities for us to learn and grow and discover within ourselves new depths of courage and resilience that we might never otherwise have known.

It may be tempting to let your mind wander into “What if?” worst-case scenarios but what if you set time limits on being in that space of anxiety? Whenever you feel overwhelmed, let yourself stop and bring your focus to your feet. Remind yourself that your fears aren’t happening right now and tell yourself what is happening: “I’ve got a cup of tea” or “The sun is shining” or whatever it happens to be. Bring your attention to what is happening at this moment.

Be right here, right now.