Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is being thankful for what you have or showing appreciation and kindness to others. Across the pond they are celebrating Thanksgiving so let’s go one better with a 30 day Gratitude Challenge. This might seem tough with everything that is going on this year but taking a moment each day to reflect on all that is good in your life helps change negative thoughts as well as give you a chance to show appreciation to others.

It’s easy to do. My list below will give you ideas to work from as you go through the month. By the end of the 30 days, you might love the ideas so much that you repeat the tasks into December and then into next year. Are you up for the challenge? Some of the challenges take a minute but there are others where you can linger longer if it feels good. Below are your daily challenges for this week. Yesterday was 1 November so you get the first two challenges today!

Day 1: What does gratitude mean to you?

Reflect on what it means to you to be grateful. Have you shown gratitude in the last 24 hours? How did it feel?

Day 2: Write down what you’re grateful for

For the next month, consider writing down one thing you’re grateful for each day. Big or little, reflect on all the good in your life.

Day 3: Say thank you

The two magic words we learned as children are often forgotten in our daily interactions with others. Give thanks for gestures others do for you, big and small.

Day 4: Say morning gratitude affirmations

Think of a short mantra you can silently repeat during times when that negative voice tries to take over such as “Today is a good day” or “My life is filled with abundant goodness” or “I’m thankful for this moment”.

Day 5: Gratitude board or box

This one works with the whole family. Hang a board or place a box where everyone can see it and encourage everyone to anonymously leave notes of what they are grateful for throughout November. At the end of the month or whenever anyone needs a boost, read aloud all the slips of paper.

Day 6: Offer a moment of silence in gratitude

When nothing seems to be going right, take a moment to pause and be still. As you sit quietly, your thoughts will turn from the chaos to one small thing that is ok and then maybe you can think of another.

Day 7: Write a nice review

People are quick to complain but slow to spread the word about a good service they received. Posting good reviews spreads positive vibes and encourages others to try that service or business.

Day 8: Donate

Think about all of the abundances in your life. Maybe you have an overstuffed bookshelf or clothes you never wear or your kids don’t play with their toys any more.

I’ll bring you Day 9 onwards next week.