Be true to yourself and connected to your heart

This week’s mantra: “I am true to myself and connected to my heart”.

As we move through 2021, the uncertainty of last year seems to be continuing. We can’t change that but we can adjust our focus to being true to ourselves, speak ‘from the heart’ and be guided by what our heart needs not what our mind wants.

Take this opportunity to reflect on your life, your health and your mind. If you made some changes in 2020 no matter how big or small, use this time to reflect on how they are working for you. Do they allow you to stay true to your values? Break free from any limiting beliefs and ask yourself how you could be more you. Where are you holding yourself back? What could you release that no longer serves you? Maybe by reflecting on where you are now you can get a clearer understanding of where you want to focus your energy on in the coming year.

With everything that is happening in the world, whether we’re feeling good or bad, sad or happy, high vibe or low, everything is likely to feel magnified. Social distancing, masks and social isolation have limited touch and speech and this reminds us how important community and connection really is. Watching the news or keeping up with social media makes us feel more separate, anxious and lonely. If there was ever a time to cast aside the things that bring you down, it’s right now! Focus on what brings you joy and what makes your heart sing. Use your January intentions to gain a little more clarity and begin aligning yourself with your truth. Try journaling with these reflective questions this and keep this week’s mantra close to your heart.

  • Do I feel aligned with my truth?
  • Am I following my heart?
  • Where am I holding myself back in life?
  • What three things are most important to me?
  • What would I benefit from letting go of right now?
  • What changes have I made and how can I maintain them?
  • How can I move from a ‘me’ mindset, to a ‘we’ mindset?
  • Who could I be more compassionate towards?
  • How could I be more compassionate to myself?
  • What does 2021 mean for me?