How can my home practice help me today?

As we continue to practice our yoga at home, let’s take a moment to think about that. An important part of home practice is learning to listen to what you need each time you practice and having no expectations of yourself. Each time you turn up to your mat is a new experience and is best treated with fresh curiosity and self-inquiry. When you step on your mat, take a few moments to work out how your practice can help you today. Ask yourself these questions:

What do I need physically?

What do I need mentally?

What are my energy levels?

What is my mood today?

What are my limitations or injuries?

Where do I need to work on for more flexibility?

Where do I need to work on for strengthening?

You may not have the answer to all the questions but it will help remind you if you have an injury or if you need to go easy because you are dealing with something else in life that might require you to be extra kind to yourself.