Gratitude Challenge – Week 2

How did you get on with your Gratitude Challenge last week? Don’t worry if you didn’t manage every one of them but have a look back and see if there are any you want to keep going with. Here are seven new ones for this week.

Day 9: Show someone you love them

It can be as simple as making their favourite meal. Let your loved ones know you appreciate them in little ways.

Day 10: Transform an ungrateful thought

For instance instead of “why are they taking so long?” and getting frustrated think about what you can do instead. Is there a way you can help?

Day 11: Do something nice for someone else

If you notice someone is lost, give directions. Perhaps they are struggling to carry everything and you can help for a second or two.

Day 12: Volunteer

Got some spare time on your hands? There are lots of charities that are crying out for help even for a few hours.

Day 13: Give thanks for your mistakes

We all make mistakes but sometimes we beat ourselves up with things like “I shouldn’t have done that”. Instead think of mistakes as experiences or a life lesson. Take a moment to consider two “mistakes” Was it truly a mistake or a gift in disguise?

Day 14: Send a thank you card

No email. No text. Write a good old-fashioned thank you card. Send it to someone who’s made a difference in your life.

Day 15: What am I taking for granted?

Reflect on this question as a journal prompt or aloud with a friend or partner. How can you embrace and appreciate whatever it is you take for granted?