Gratitude Challenge – Week 3

Here are the next seven in this month’s Gratitude Challenge. Are you taking time out of your day to give this a go? How does it make you feel?

Day 16: Take a picture

Capture an image of what you’re grateful for and pin it to your Gratitude Board (see Day 5!).

Day 17: Focus on you

Take a day to focus on your life. Embrace a day of being able to do what you love whether it’s painting, writing, walking, reading or cooking your favourite meal. Enjoy each moment as it comes.

Day 18: Call on your neighbours

Check they are ok and maybe take some homemade biscuits to have with their cup of tea.

Day 19: Give to a food bank

When you go to the shops today, grab an extra item or to and put it in the box of goods that are going to be distributed to those who are struggling to buy food.

Day 20: Compliment someone

Make someone’s day with a compliment.

Day 21: Do something for strangers

Open a door or give directions or something else. This will remind you that you’re physically able to be kind to others.

Day 22: List 3 things you take for granted

Start with your five senses: your eyes, your hearing, your taste or being able to touch. We use these senses without thinking. Take a moment to give thanks for these things.